@framapiaf.org i had an idea: Could PeerTube have some sort of video sharing form, that could limit the viewers of this video, to a unique link? This way, you could share a video multiple times, using a unique token per share, so in case it gets leaked you could unshare it and share it again with a different URL.

This basic feature could be extended to implement monetization by plugins and all sorts of content access limitations that could benefit content creators.

@framapiaf.org the idea is not only the possibility to create monetization plugins (which i understand is not an intended default, but is a good and necessary feature to grow on content creators), but also to give people the possibility to limit and control the video shares separately, kind of like Nextcloud does when sharing any file. This gives a huge control on sensitive videos that could be uploaded privately, share them and then make them public (ex: activists and press)


@framapiaf.org also, not only an option to share multiple (revocable) URLs of 1 video, but the option to simply monitor the visitors (marking how much different visitors, did a URL share of a same video, get)

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